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Grounding Technology: Earthing sheets, Mats & more
All about Grounding/Earthing Technology for Health & EMF Protection
Supplier of Grounding/Earthing Technology products
Earthing? Scientific Research on the Health Benefits of Earthing
Frequently asked Questions about Grounding/Earthing Technology
Groundology: Grounding/Earthing Technology supplier

Product categories

Groundology sells earthing sheets / grounding sheets for Health & EMF Protection. 100% organic cotton sheets with conductive silver fibres.
Groundology sells earthing sheets / grounding sheets for Health & EMF Protection. SoftSilver™ sheets are the latest grounded sleep technology, the culmination of years of product development.
Groundology sells a full range of Earthing bedding products: Grounding pillow cases, Recovery bags, Grounding blankets, Quilted bed pad, etc.
Grounded mouse/keyboard mat. Ground your bare feet while working at a desk, watching television, meditating, doing yoga, etc.
Connect to the Earth's electrical field while indoors. Protects from harmful electromagnetic fields. Ground yourself during the day and while sleeping.
Accessories to convert most footwear to grounding footwear. Plus high quality conductive socks.
Socket testers, conductivity testers, Earthing book, extension cords, splitters, additional parts, replacement parts, Earth connection plugs and adapters.

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Earthing Book
Videos about Earthing
Experiment Grounding Flowers
Demonstration of TerraMater Footwear material
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