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The effect of grounding on the blood

Blood viscosity samples, before and after grounding


One of the most dramatic demonstrations of the benefits of grounding is the effect it has on the blood.

On the right are darkfield microscope images of blood taken from three individuals just before and after forty minutes of grounding.

The before images are on the left, the after on the right.  The pictures clearly show a dramatic thinning and decoupling of the blood cells.

The blood samples were taken during research into grounding by Dr Stephen Sinatra MD.



The video clip on the right shows the results of some similar blood tests which were performed on some volunteers live during the Longevity Now Conference 2010.  Presented by David Wolfe.


A fascinating experiment
on the effects of Grounding sunflowers.


In depth video about Earthing principles and research.


Published papers and studies

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Further reading

For further reading, case studies and personal reports, we recommended a visit to

Another great resource is the book ‘Earthing’ by Clinton Ober


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